February 28, 2015

Pecera (Fishbowl)

Pecera (Fishbowl)

This short film is about a woman dealing with a number of "unfair dismissals" in her company. It also features the story of a woman who may or may not be dismissed herself... But how either scenario will end is anyone's guess.

Curious short film, and quite an interesting way to tell a rather open-ended and thoughtful situation.

(English subtitles available for this one, so why not watch Pecera now? Or are you tired of the office and would rather experience an idyllic situation?)

February 24, 2015

Bendito Machine II: The Spark Of Life


This short animated film features beautiful artwork, interesting characters, and a notable lesson about greed. Yes, Bendito Machine II definitely carries on the world (and careless personalities) of Bendito Machine I: Everything You Need. This time, however, the lesson involves a kind of fizzy drink, and righteous karma.

Curious short film, but definitely relatable. And, perhaps, relevant.

(This has no dialogue, by the way. Watch it now! Then again, maybe you're looking for more silent films? Here are some animated ones, too - Fuga is one of my favorites.)

February 21, 2015

Recursos Humanos

This short film is about a man from human resources who is to interview a new face. While this situation may show the discomfort some applicants may feel when questioned by an HR personnel (particularly an inappropriate one), this also gives a hint of vindication for them, too.

Lovely film deserving of a slow clap. If you're interested in knowing more about this short film, here's a video on how it was made.

(Watch it now, since it's got English subtitles available. By the way, Prescindibles, a film by the same director, is another short film that features an HR-related role, though that deals with the termination process.)

February 17, 2015

Todos Mis Vecinos Son Inmigrantes


This short film features a guy with a colorful group of neighbors - immigrants from all parts of the world. While little (understandable) dialogue is passed between the people themselves, simple gestures like a smile and an open palm speak wonders.

Simple and cute, really.

(No subtitles for the videos I'm featuring for this one, but there's very little dialogue here anyway. Watch the film now! Or how about watching this short film about an ex-boyfriend knocking on his ex-gf's door for some reason?)

February 14, 2015


This short film is about a man going to Prague to meet his ladylove. Besides a bittersweet undertone of meeting your true love and experiencing the possible pain of separation, this story is told amidst a studio-made backdrop (not shot on location, but they made it work) and a lovely soundtrack.

Praga, on YouTube

Directed by Juan Sebastián Valencia

February 10, 2015

Merry Little Christmas

This short film is about the abuse a mother and daughter undergo through the hands of a man. Told with a number of bloodstains and visions of monsters, this movie shows the horribly terrible life of those who experience domestic abuse.

This one affected me very much. It's honestly very brutal, so steel yourself before watching this.

(By the way, El Orden De Las Cosas is another heart-breaking film that tackles domestic abuse.)

Director's website (Martín Lerma)

Merry Little Christmas, on YouTube

Directed by Manuel Marín & Ignacio Martín Lerma

February 7, 2015

Chico Y Chepe

This short film is about two brothers, Chico and Chepe. They have been living on their own for a while, but they are about to meet some people who will change their lives forever.

Simple flick, but cute.

Chico Y Chepe, on YouTube

Directed by Herson Ortega

February 3, 2015


This short film is about a weed dealer who plans to move with his girlfriend to Colombia. While everything is about set for the planned migration, things get messy as Luciano decides to take on one more job before leaving.

Indie in origin, but anchored in the sad reality of illegal dealing and relationships.

SOI420, on YouTube

Directed by Sergio Guerra