February 24, 2015

Bendito Machine II: The Spark Of Life


This short animated film features beautiful artwork, interesting characters, and a notable lesson about greed. Yes, Bendito Machine II definitely carries on the world (and careless personalities) of Bendito Machine I: Everything You Need. This time, however, the lesson involves a kind of fizzy drink, and righteous karma.

Curious short film, but definitely relatable. And, perhaps, relevant.

(This has no dialogue, by the way. Watch it now! Then again, maybe you're looking for more silent films? Here are some animated ones, too - Fuga is one of my favorites.)

Bendito Machine II: The Spark of Life, on YouTube

Directed by Jossie Malis

Official website
Facebook page

Bendito Machine II: The Spark Of Life is a Spanish animated short film about an strange animal, a greedy entrepreneur, and a fizzy drink.


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