May 31, 2014


This short film about a man pining for a woman starts out very nicely... Until the foreboding sets in. Great storytelling on this one. Also, beware of stalkers.

*There are English subtitles for this, which you can enable as captions on the video.

Ella, on Youtube

Directed by Reynaldo Cantú

May 29, 2014


This silent short film is about a wolf among sheep. A feeling that something bad is going to happen lingers, but it sure has its happy feels, nevertheless.

Official website
Facebook page

FriendSheep from PrimerFrame on Vimeo.

Directed by Jaime Maestro

May 27, 2014

Póstumo (Posthumous)

This short film has darkness and madness (and death) lingering in the background. While this may betray its low-budget origins, it's won an award, and has been shown in a number of film festivals to date.

Aren't we all just prisoners of our passions?

Póstumo, on Youtube

Directed by Hernán Velit

May 24, 2014

La Leche Y El Agua

This award-winning short film featuring an old lady and a cow is a sad, sweet one. Mixing milk and water has never been so poignant.

La Leche Y El Agua, on Youtube

Directed by Celso García

With English subtitles:

May 22, 2014

El Circulo (The Circle)

This short film about bulimia and anorexia affected me. It has rather sensitive scenes (vomiting, blood, etc.), but it felt very real.

It must be hard though, always feeling as if you're not enough for yourself.

Director's website

EL CIRCULO (THE CIRCLE) from Alfonso San Eugenio Martínez on Vimeo.

Directed by Alfonso San Eugenio Martínez

May 20, 2014


This beautiful and symphonic short film about a girl and her violin is rightfully worthy of its accolades. The textures are simply amazing, and story-telling is exquisite. Masterful work.

Official website

On Vimeo:

FUGA from Juan Antonio Espigares on Vimeo.

Directed by Juan Antonio Espigares

On Youtube:

May 19, 2014


This short film shows a lifetime with just a few pair of shoes. Sweet and poignant.

Love the noted quote too: "Tenemos en la cabeza un cerebro, y en los zapatos unos pies, para poder ir donde queramos."

Zeta (Senra 2014) from Peter on Vimeo.

Directed by Juan López Fernández-Sordo

May 17, 2014

Dos Ciclos (Two Cycles)

This short film is about the life of a bicyclist in Mexico City. Lots of personality, lots of heart, lots of bike trails.

Indeed, go and do what makes you happy.

Dos Ciclos Short Film from SakeGroup on Vimeo.

Directed by Rodrigo de la Mora & Darío López Ortega

May 15, 2014

Menú Equivocado (Wrong Menu)

She has found the ideal man, but there's something about the way he stares that just seems, well, wrong. Very nicely done, and I won't mind watching this one again, although it would probably break my heart all over again, too.

(Carlos' little slip of chest may merit an NSFW stamp, but he sure looks incredibly sexy. Ladies, cheers.)

Directors' website

Menú Equivocado (Wrong Menu), on Youtube

Directed by Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera

May 13, 2014

Salón Royale

This slice-of-life film features girl talk and will-my-ex-be-there talk. I find it amazing how this film is told with facial expressions, as well as with words said and unsaid. I also find it interesting that it's shot almost entirely inside a moving vehicle.

But yeah, it will probably be over in two days.

Salón Royale, on Youtube

Directed by Sabrina Campos

May 10, 2014

Sinceridad (Sincerity)

This short film features a man who had just found a job, and is reprimanded for doing so. Simply brilliant.

(In a way, this rather reminds me of Case 253 in Como Está La Cosa.)

Director's website

SINCERIDAD SINCERITY cortometraje shortfilm from Andrea Casaseca Ferrer on Vimeo.

Directed by Andrea Casaseca Ferrer

May 9, 2014


This short film featuring Latin expressions proves that the language is certainly not dead, and that French is not necessarily the lingua franca of romantic people.

This film also tests how much Latin you know, so be prepared, and carpe diem. (Nevertheless, translations of all the Latin phrases used here will be flashed towards the end of the film.)

Official website

*There are English subtitles for this, which you can enable as captions on the video.
**Note that the subtitles only really come in by half of the movie, when the Spanish kicks in. 

Equilicuá, on Youtube

Directed by Ignacio Rodó

May 8, 2014

Tadeo Jones Y El Sótano Maldito (Tadeo Jones And The Basement Of Doom)

A great underground secret that involves a cult, a couple of animals, and the next door store makes another great adventure for Tadeo Jones. You are what you eat, as they say.

This animated short is a sequel to Tadeo Jones.

Tadeo Jones y el sotano maldito from lafiestapc on Vimeo.

Directed by Enrique Gato

May 6, 2014

La Bolsa O La Vida

This rather educational short film gives a whirlwind of information on the "hunger bubble". The info flies by at incredible pace, but what an interesting notion regarding food demand and supply.

However, it's only 97% true, so I guess we shouldn't worry too much.

LA BOLSA O LA VIDA, 2012 _Cortometraje_ ( sub ingés)_ 4´ from Juan Carrascal-Ynigo on Vimeo.

Directed by Marialu Marciel & Juan Carrascal-Ynigo

May 3, 2014

Al Otro Lado (The Other Side)

This short movie involves a woman working for Hopeline, the suicide hotline. She receives a call that makes her question a lot of things, especially the calls that make or unmake a person.

The audio could use some work here, but I really felt that tension slowly being built up. Oh, the trials of wanting to save a life.

Facebook page

*There are English subtitles for this, which you can enable as captions on the video.

Al Otro Lado, on Youtube
Directed by Manu Carbajo

May 1, 2014


A 2-minute film about puppets (marionettes) waiting for Godot to arrive. Nice, and beautiful in its simplicity. A description has this to say: An adaptation of the surrealist play "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett.

English subtitled: