February 17, 2015

Todos Mis Vecinos Son Inmigrantes


This short film features a guy with a colorful group of neighbors - immigrants from all parts of the world. While little (understandable) dialogue is passed between the people themselves, simple gestures like a smile and an open palm speak wonders.

Simple and cute, really.

(No subtitles for the videos I'm featuring for this one, but there's very little dialogue here anyway. Watch the film now! Or how about watching this short film about an ex-boyfriend knocking on his ex-gf's door for some reason?)

Todos Mis Vecinos Son Inmigrantes, on YouTube

Directed by Pedro Estepa Menéndez & Elena Ferrándiz Sanz

Todos Mis Vecinos Son Inmigrantes is a Spanish-language short film about a man and his immigrant neighbors.


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