October 30, 2014

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta (A Question Of Tagging)

This short film about a guy who tagged his friend during a funeral just about questions if there is a right time and place to "properly" use a social networking site. (It's so ingrained in our society that sometimes some of us don't even think twice about posting something anymore.)

Still - at a funeral?

Director's website (Villarroya)

Una Cuestión De Etiqueta, on YouTube

Directed by Roger Villarroya & Mario Rico

October 28, 2014

Inspiración (Inspiration)

If you were a writer working on your next book, what would you (not) do to get over your writer's block? Would you hire your favorite prostitute, and trust a seemingly shady man to give you "inspiration"?

How far would you (not) go?

On Vimeo:

*There are English subtitles for this, which you can enable as captions on the video.
*Note: To understand subtitles, some context may be necessary.

"Inspiración" (2014) from Barry´s Kidnapping films on Vimeo.

Directed by Antonio Clemente

On Youtube:

October 25, 2014

Muertas De Asco (Sick Death)

This short film features two sisters who are on their way to meet up their dad. They have a tied-up zombie in the trunk, and more zombies are on the open road.

Besides bloody entrails, circus acts, bounty hunters, and a mechanized monkey, this movie actually features pseudo-familial love amidst the zombie apocalypse.

(Interested in another zombie movie? Zombies and Cigarettes has that, and the awkward non-hero, too.)

Facebook page
Director's website

Muertas De Asco (English subtitles) from Miguel G. Catalan on Vimeo.

Directed by Miguel Catalán

October 21, 2014

Lo Que Quiero De Ti (What I Want From You)

This short film about two men, separately talking about their relationship to others, is really quite curious. On the one hand, you have a shy stalker, and on the other hand, you have a restless playboy. Of course, it takes a turn for the weird as they talk more about themselves, and how they view each other.

This movie personally leaves me thoughtful, and with the inkling to check out Nosferatu.

Producer's website

Lo Que Quiero De Ti, on YouTube

Directed by Miguel Lafuente

On Vimeo:

October 18, 2014

Eres Cada Solitario Instante (You Are Each Solitary Moment)

This short film about a young man who committed murder (and then simply walked away) leaves my mind blown. Done with little dialogue but with quite some build-up, this film just amazes me with its simplicity and impact.

Here's the director's given snippet about the film:

Inspired in (sic) the poem "You are not the others" (The iron coin, 1976) by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, this film tells the story of a young man that kills in cold blood a person who has entered into his house, and then escapes from the crime scene.

(Want to see another short film that features, once again, a coldblooded murderer? Check out La Culpa.)

Director's website

Eres Cada Solitario Instante (You are each solitary moment) 2012) from Nicolás Iaconis on Vimeo.

Directed by Nicolás Iaconis IV

October 16, 2014

El Monstruo Del Armario (The Monster In The Closet)

This short film about a lurking something in the dark bedroom closet will give you (and your young one) just the right chills. You never know just what could be in there.

Heads up to reader Gary S. for sending in this one.

Director's website

El Monstruo Del Armario, on Youtube

Directed by Pablo Conde

October 14, 2014

Frikis (Nerds)

This short film is about the relationship between a geeky guy and his girl. Reeking with video game nerdiness, this movie is told with animation, chiptune music, and plenty of geeky references.

Nerdiness aside, this actually shows some realistic sides of relationships - from joint shopping to sex to left-behind friends. It also informs us that maybe we do need to carry our phones with us at all times.

(Need more geek? Here's a short film with a comic book guy.)

Director's website

Frikis, on YouTube

Directed by Jorge Romeo

October 11, 2014

Dios Sólo Mira (God Only Watches)

This short film about a photojournalist taking a certain photo at Haiti in 2010 has more than just a controversy to unfold. It also has a moral debate, beautiful cinematography, and curious premonitions.

Would you have taken that photo?

Facebook page

Dios Sólo Mira (short film) from Alejandro Villalba on Vimeo.

Directed by Alejandro Villalba & Miguel Díaz Rivera

On Youtube:

October 9, 2014

Esto No Está Bien (It's Not Right)

I suppose that having sexytime with your sister on a whim will keep the boredom away all right, but some lines should definitely not be crossed.

Oh, and yeah: Superman undies are cute.

Director's website (YT)

Esto No Está Bien, on YouTube

Directed by Juanan Villegas

October 7, 2014

El Héroe

This award-winning animated short film (in Cannes, no less) presents to us a man who tries to stop a woman from jumping off the subway tracks.

Played out in a sea of grimy scenes and people-crushing waves, El Héroe shows us that life isn't always beautiful, and our good intentions aren't always what's needed.

El Héroe, on Youtube

Directed by Carlos Carrera

October 4, 2014

La Boca Del León (The Lion's Mouth)

This short film is about a to-be possessed man video-calling a priest, who then tries to perform an exorcism via phone. It sounds odd, true, but the video snippets we see and the shaky camera usage lends an interesting, yet quite realistic, view on the whole thing.

Just to add background, here's a synopsis provided by the producers:

A strong depression devoted itself to Mr. Montalvo to live haunted by the world of the dead. But this macabre game has gone too far. Just one last call for help could be his salvation.

Producer's website

LA BOCA DEL LEÓN from Geofilms Entertainment on Vimeo.

Directed by Alfonso Garcia

October 2, 2014


This short film is about a girl with nothing to do. When a boring day comes, you just sometimes need to do something - anything - interesting.

Beautiful shots, leading movements, and an ending that you'll love to reblog.

Director's website

Morado, on Youtube

Directed by Nestor F.