February 21, 2015

Recursos Humanos

This short film is about a man from human resources who is to interview a new face. While this situation may show the discomfort some applicants may feel when questioned by an HR personnel (particularly an inappropriate one), this also gives a hint of vindication for them, too.

Lovely film deserving of a slow clap. If you're interested in knowing more about this short film, here's a video on how it was made.

(Watch it now, since it's got English subtitles available. By the way, Prescindibles, a film by the same director, is another short film that features an HR-related role, though that deals with the termination process.)

(PS: Prefer the version with no subtitles? Check out the film on RTVE.es.)

Directed by Joan Álvarez Lladós

Recursos Humanos is a Spanish-language short film about an HR personnel and his interviewee. With English subtitles.


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