Here are some of the online resources and what not I use for this website.

First off: these kind folks have added this site to their lists. Check them out!

A vueltas con E/LE - Helpful site on learning Spanish as a foreign language (Español / Lengua Extranjera).
How to Learn Spanish - Where I learned about the "telenovela method". Andrew's got lots of helpful info & links for learning Spanish. - Easy-to-use resource to check out the different Spanish verb forms/tenses.
Spanish Tuition Surrey | Learn Spanish with Natalia - Natalia is a native Spanish teacher who can offer you her services in lessons and translation.

On Films

Thriller Movies vs Horror Movies
*I occasionally have trouble classifying the films into certain genres. (Thus the many, many films under the Slice of Life label.) I every so often check the link above for how to delineate thriller movies vs horror movies. (Oh, and just for the record: I try to avoid supernatural horror flicks if I could help it, but I nevertheless watch them so I might add them to this site. Still can't get over Mamá.)

On Spanish-language learning

The truth is, I'm still actively self-studying Spanish. I have a couple of books (and, of course, the short films I watch), but I also use a number of online websites, as noted below.

Spanishdict logo
* is my current go-to Spanish-English translation website. Very handy.

Duolingo Logo
*I love Duolingo. I love how it presents learning a language in the form of a game. (There are points, achievements, a leaderboard, and a social element - in case you're competitive.) I also love how they incorporate the visual, the written, and the auditory for you to learn. Best thing about it? It's free.

The Telenovela Method at
*I actually started out really learning Spanish by watching telenovelas (Spanish drama shows). (I was having difficulty learning with just a couple of podcasts and some books.) When I've realized that English subtitles are not available online for all the episodes of my then fave show (boo), I shifted to short films instead. The link above will take you to a helpful resource for Andrew's "Telenovela Method" for learning the Spanish language.


NameCheap Referral Link
*I'm quite a newbie when it comes to web development and all, but thankfully NameCheap's interface is clean and very easy-to-use. (Unlike some other very cluttered websites.) I also love that they gave me free privacy for WHOIS when I bought this domain (yes, this one), at least for my initial registrations. (Yes, the link is a referral link.)


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