June 28, 2014

Cómo Conocí A Tu Padre (How I Met Your Father)

This short film about a one night stand is funny, yet frankly true-to-life. While the sex did seem pretty awkward, the initial embarrassment is rather endearing.

Oh, the realm of human connections.

HOW I MET YOUR FATHER ('Cómo conocí a tu padre' / 2009) from Álex Montoya on Vimeo.

Directed by Álex Montoya

June 26, 2014

La Dama Y La Muerte (The Lady And The Reaper)

This animated short film starts out rather sad and sweet, but hurriedly becomes a fun-filled ride with Death on the side. With this winning a Goya award, plus an Oscar nomination, you definitely know that this movie is going to be a good one.

Official website
Producer's website

La Dama Y La Muerte, on Youtube

Directed by Javier Recio Gracia

June 24, 2014


This short film mainly has two lessons to offer: one in stealing, and one in getting away. It also features the perspective of a kid who learns an abrupt lesson about family and change.

This one saddened me, probably because of its all-too-real look of what happens at the Mexico-USA border.

*Note: This film has actual English dialogue (with no Spanish subtitles).

Director's website

Efrain, on Youtube

Directed by Matthew Breault

June 21, 2014

Sin Decir Nada (Don't Say a Word)

This short film about the crush of a teenage lesbian is rather sweet. I find it interesting how snapshots, movements, and perceived closeness do well to give rather intimate views.

*There are English subtitles for this, which you can enable as captions on the video.
**Just to note: Video quality here is not very good.

Sin Decir Nada, on Youtube

Directed by Diana Montenegro García

June 19, 2014

70 M²

This film about a man caught in something dire while on his way to his girlfriend's is really quite sad. It's amazing how such a simple thing could embroil you into something, well, bloody.

Nevertheless, great suspenseful storytelling, and quite a turn of events.

70m2 (Cortometraje, 2011) (English subtitles) from Miguel A. Carmona on Vimeo.

Directed by Miguel Carmona

June 17, 2014

El Topo (The Mole)

This curious short film about men in the underground actually leaves you with more questions than answers. What is the couple doing, exactly? Why did he win the game three times in a row? Why are there dirty-looking people underground?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Director's website

El Topo, on Youtube

Directed by Emiliano Romero

June 14, 2014

El Empleo (The Employment)

This animated film about a world where people have odd but vital jobs is striking, to say the least. The simplicity of the scenarios and the unsaid movements show a too different, yet very familiar, world.

While I wonder whether it has an allegorical meaning, I am nevertheless moved. Oh, the drab, tiring 9-5 world, where you sometimes have to be a doormat to someone higher up.

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On Vimeo:

El Empleo / The Employment from opusBou on Vimeo.

Directed by Santiago Bou Grass

On Youtube:

June 12, 2014


This film about a couple on the verge of a break up is one that struck my heart. I find it amazing how this has a kind of sci-fi vibe to it, and yet that vibe was merely used as a means to tell quite an interesting story.

But, oh, how very, very sad.

On Youtube:

Tiempodefecto, on Youtube

Directed by Juliana Pineda

On Vimeo, with English subtitles:

June 10, 2014


This short film about an unemployed man just made me so very sad. Oh, what indeed is the purpose of a great education, if you can't use it in the real world?

Desempleado, on Youtube

Directed by Juan Funes

June 9, 2014


This is a curious tale is about a man in search for his one and only Marisa, only to find her constantly changing. Amazing and powerful story-telling.

On Youtube:

Marisa, on Youtube

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo

On Vimeo, with English subtitles:

June 7, 2014


This adorable film about a (gay) man running after Paco is just too cute for words. It helps that Paco almost always looks like a movie star. Ay, Paco.

(Check out the El País website for slightly better video quality. It has the English subtitles, too.)

Director's website

Paco by cortosgay

Directed by Jorge Roelas

June 5, 2014

Detrás Del Espejo (Behind The Mirrors)

This award-winning short about an occurrence in a sleazy motel is brilliantly played out. Quite gritty in its true-to-life setting, but what a turn of events.

Indeed, people who know too much should be very careful.

Official website
Facebook page

DETRÁS DEL ESPEJO (behind the mirrors) from Julio O. Ramos on Vimeo.

Directed by Julio Ramos

June 3, 2014

Posturas (Positions)

This film featuring the Kama Sutra and old people is a fun short to see. Quite safe for work, too.

Don't forget to practice safe sex!

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Director's website

On Youtube:

Posturas, on Youtube

Directed by Alvaro Oliva

On Vimeo: